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Phone: Private

ICQ : : @AMAZONLocalhost

Address: 1, Pirogova str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia

Press-office: +7

E-Direct Payment Accepted BTC U can contact via email

Or VIa Skype

E We Sector Ceo Cfo Office365 Email +password

Need spaming For Get PAssword email Password

Live chat From Monday to Friday 7AM to 10PM time (GMT+7)

When You Order Please Save the Batch Number

U Can contact via email or Livechat

Press Rules 1 : Read Before You Start Using Our Market

Onther Wise Ur payment will Received And Ur stuff or accounts

Will On Hold no Received If you pay And You have Problem NO got

Your Item Please contact via skype or Email


Press Rules 2 : When You Buy Please Select Your Product

And Please Add your Email Correct to Receive Your item

Press Rules 3 : Please Evry item You buy here You get DIscount 25% Next Order Just Contact via Skype or Email

Press Rules 4 : Evry Local Host Server takes 1-2 Hours to Be Active

Press Rules 5 : Accounts Dating fullz Leads And RDP takes 15=30Min

To received in Your Email :

Press Rules 6 : Tutorials Are Fresh And No shared when You Order

You can Watch and Play with VCL Player or MEdia player and Opening with Winrar,

Press Rules 7 : Evry Fullz or cpanel or RDP that You are No happy You get Replacement withing 10Min just EMAIL US here